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color GRAY

Standard cavity block is produced from simple vibration-pressed concrete and it is designed for lining the bearing and peripheral walls of all types. The lining is with cement mortar. The system of brick laying blocks is also fitted with the pieces for halving and quartering and also blocks with armoring openings. The brick laying prefabricates are placed during brick laying to the adjacent contact vertically downwards so the openings in the blocks were facing perpendicularly to the thermal flow and passed in perpendicular direction to the base joint. The elements can be filled with concrete in the locations were required. Smooth surface enables simple handling with the type of brick.
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CSB - CONCRETE BLOCKS - WALLING Height Minimum expedition amount VAT excl. price VAT incl. price Number
single base block
190 mm paleta 41 CZK 50 CZK
pcs i

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CSB - CONCRETE BLOCKS - WALLING Composition dimensions [mm] Number [pcs] Weight [kg]
height width length MU per pallete MU per layer pieces into common meter MU products incl. palletes
single base block 190 200 500 60 12 - 21.1833 1296

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