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We are a Czech family business specialising in manufacturing concrete products. Since our foundation in 1992, we have been concentrating all production into a single manufacturing facility in Velké Žernoseky, where we now have more than 300 employees. The manufacturing is mostly based on ten fully automated production lines and all outputs are subject to regular inspections by our certified laboratory. Our products can be seen on and around family homes, at shopping facilities' parking areas and on motorways and airports across the entire Central Europe.

CS Beton is run by Josef Matějka, who remains its sole owner. However, the company's everyday operations are also controlled by his son Marek Matějka at the position of Sales Manager and his daughter Petra Čopová, who is in charge of marketing and legal matters. The three family members are complemented by Veronika Matějková, whose team specialises in controlling internal company systems and of course also by a number of great managers and core employees, some of whom have been working at CS Beton for more than 10 years.

For my family, the company is a common value which connects us and which we strive to continue to develop simply because we enjoy creating new things and values together.

  • Ing. Josef Matějka

    CEO and Managing Director

    Ing. Josef Matějka

    As the sole owner, Josef is part of the company's everyday operation, especially in the area of manufacturing. Construction is his lifelong passion. He can not wait to get back to work when he is away on holiday. He keeps fit by regularly walking around the manufacturing facility and (over-) caring for his garden in his spare time. His main hobby is travelling around historical sights of the world.

  • Ing. Marek Matějka

    CEO and Managing Director

    Ing. Marek Matějka

    Is the man behind CS Beton's business strategy, based mostly on development of long-term business relationships. He joined the company straight after completing his university studies, despite dreams of a flying career. It is also thanks to his effort that the company evolved from a local manufacturer with a turnover of CZK 100 million into what it is today, one of four largest concrete product manufacturers in the market with a turnover of nearly CZK one billion. His hobby – love for anything that flies and/or takes petrol, is still here.

  • Mgr. Petra Čopová

    Legal and Marketing Manager

    Mgr. Petra Čopová

    Petra joined the family business in 2015 after operating her own legal office which also worked for CS Beton. What seems like an unusual combination – legal matters and marketing, has proven to be very successful. Petra creates the marketing strategy and then selects and communicates with professional agencies and/or renowned legal offices in case of legal disputes. Her hobbies include any form of exercise and travelling.

  • Ing. Jaroslav Horák

    CFO and HR Manager

    Ing. Jaroslav Horák

    Jaroslav joined CS Beton in 2012 as the Head of Controlling. He has held his current position since May of 2017 and feels right at home in a Czech company. Away from work, he is trying to be a good father and husband, which he manages with mixed success. His biggest hobby is football, which he used to play actively. From an early age, he has been a major fan of the oldest football club in the Czech Republic whose matches he goes to regularly.

  • Ing. Luboš Heřman

    Production Manager

    Ing. Luboš Heřman

    Luboš joined CS Beton in 2017. He says he intends to do something worthwhile, something with a meaning where results are visible and reflect the company's success. As nearly every man, he enjoys motor sports (cars, motorbikes), is interested in hot air ballooning and loves food and travel. His biggest love however is his wife. He does not enjoy trips organised by travel agencies. When you try to travel alone, you can not do it any other way. Motto: "There's many a slip between the cup and the lip."

  • Ing. Jan Rašovský

    Technical Manager

    Ing. Jan Rašovský

    Jan is an important and a stable element in CS Beton's management. He joined the company immediately after graduating from university. He took part in the company's creation and development, especially as far as technology and production quality is concerned. He is a sports fan - especially as far as skiing, cycling and swimming is concerned. He also loves travelling and is an incurable workaholic.

  • 300


  • 4

    fully automated production lines

  • 1 billion CZK

    total turnover in 2018

  • 190

    checked-in trucks with goods daily