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  • Resistance of the products to frost and defrosting


    If the concrete products are exposed to water and moisture with alternating effects on frost and defrosting (with defrosting tools or without), they must resist to the environmental effects at the required level.

    All our products produced using the vibration poured concrete method comply with the requirements for the highest class of resistance XF4 and even exceed them (as per ČSN EN 206). It is therefore possible to use our products in locations with high requirements in the area of resistance to defrosting agents - such as roads and reinforced surfaces exposed to the road salt and other defrosting agents.

    The products do not degrade and do not lose its properties and function. Verification of the characteristic quality properties must be performed in regular intervals in independent accredited test laboratories. Above the scope of the obligatory testing frequency, we test our products in our own accredited laboratory which enables us to permanently maintain the products in quality parameters exceeding the required scope.

    Almost all our products of vibro-pressed series of production technology are resistant to environment XF4. It includes all series where such resistance is significant.

  • The standards of drainage elements


    Classification and drainage gutters D400, E600, F900

    Drainage slotted gutters are divided as per the installation location and the resulting load in six classes A 15 to F900. Our products of the drainage systems comply with the requirements for the application in the load classes D400, F900, such as road surfaces, parking places and other reinforced surfaces.

    Based on the design, construction, and operation requirements, the certification of selected profiles of the slotted tube system with the traffic load class E600, and currently we supply the slotted tubes of classes D400, E600 and F900.

    The lids and inlet mesh of complementary pieces such as cleaning and inlet pieces, also comply with the requirements ČSN EN 1433 for the testing load of the specified classes (i.e. 400kN for class D400 – plastic and alloy mesh; i.e. 900kN for class F900 – only alloy mesh).


    Advantages of using slotted gutters

    The slotted pipes represent modern, perfect, and fast method of dewatering the roads and reinforced surfaces. They provide fast dewatering of the reinforced surface, even during extreme water inflow and its perfect discharge by the capacity flow profile to the connection to sewer system. During a large capacity and small width of the flow profile, they have significant self-cleaning ability.

    The production program CS-BETON s.r.o. includes the elements with inward descent. It enables problem-free drainage even in case of small longitudinal inclines. The tube surface can be horizontal. The slotted pipes produced by CS-BETON s.r.o. manage high loads, and upon a correct selection of the pipe type, they enable the use at the airports and at very extreme industrial operations. In particular the profiles with interrupted slot are very resistant even at dynamic load or the effects of horizontal forces. Relative simplicity of the slotted pipe construction with the use of high quality concrete elements ensures long service life of dewatering.

    The slotted pipes CS-BETON s.r.o. including the inlet and cleaning pieces are made from concrete C 45/55 XF4, as per ČSN EN 206-1 the elements are resistant to the effects of frost and chemical defrosting substances (and exceed the standard requirements several times). Our temperature conditions do not enable the gutter function deterioration due to its freezing.

    Due to the perfect connection of individual elements of the slotted tubes by means of rubber profiles and special putty, the completed gutter is impermeable for water. The rubber is resistant to the effects of oil substances. The rubber sealing also prevents mutual contact with the adjacent elements. Rubber forms a joint, around 5 mm.

    The slotted pipes are made in basic lengths 4 m. Upon request, it is possible to make pipes of various lengths, e.g. half size pipes, 2 m long. It is possible to order the elements of common lengths, max. 4 m. Upon agreement with the manufacturer, further adjustments are possible, e.g. minor surface adjustments, side drainage openings, front side chamfer at connection, etc.

    The completed slotted decline, included into the road construction and adjacent terrain, is very resistant to mechanical damage, and it is practically non-destroyable. It requires minimum maintenance which focuses solely on cleaning the flow profile of the pipe, if it becomes clogged. It is provided by the cleaning pieces and inlets, which must be placed within sufficient amount.

    Other advantages of drainage elements CS-BETON:

    • From concrete C 45/55 F5 XF4 (suitable composition of aggregate, quality cement, performance plasticisation and deaerating additives),
    • The additive of amorphous silicon dioxide - MICROSILICA high strength in pressure,
    • Extreme resistance to the effects of water and chemical defrosting substances,
    • Low absorption level,
    • High aesthetic quality,
    • Required properties TKP 18/2005, TP 137, TP 152, ČSN EN 206, ČSN EN 1433,
    • Slotted tubes CS-BETON are produced with original double-ring connection AQUAFEST – perfect waterproof features and resistance to the leak of oil substances,
    • The elements with internal descend form an integral part,
    • The possibility of atypical lengths within scope 0.5 – 4m and other atypical adjustments of individual elements.
  • The standard of road retention systems


    Crash barriers - standard H1, H2, H3, H4

    CSB – CRASH BARRIER is classified as the road arresting system as per definition ČSN EN 1317-1 and TKP chap. 11 and they can be installed as permanent or temporary. This road arresting system comprises of individual ferro-concrete elements - prefabs which are mutually connected into the static bearable catenary with the option of significant use of friction-skid force in the element. This force enables to reduce the overloading level in the emergency vehicle.

    The shape and dimensions of concrete CSB – CRASH BARRIER are based on type crash barrier “New Jersey“. CSB – CRASH BARRIERS are produced in type heights 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm and in the both-sided and single sided design. Despite the standardized shape, the system of concrete crash barrier from CS-BETON s.r.o. introduces many innovation changes and revolutionary solutions for eliminating the insufficiencies of currently applied crash barriers.


    The advantages of arresting systems CS-BETON

    The connection of the crash barrier parts is providing with a completely new patent protected joint screw connection. The connection enables the length and direction rectification whilst maintaining its full static function. Simple disassembly is the exceptional feature during the crash barrier parts.

    The exceptional rectifiable ball connection enables to assemble the crash barriers with angle turning in contact up to 4°, without changing the static behaviour of the connection. Elements CSB – of the road arresting system can be placed against the produced crash barriers and connect without the problems in the direction and height arches.

    The internal reinforcement of the elements provides its integrity even in case of destruction by impact. The reinforcement includes the plastic fibres providing minimum creation of volume cracks on the concrete surface together with the restriction of concrete separation during its destruction.

    The crash barriers are produced are produced from high solidity, deaerating concrete with the addition of amorphous silicon dioxide which forms concrete with the reinforced crystal mesh significant resistant to the effects of frost and chemical defrosting agents. Concrete designed for the production of concrete crash barriers complies with class C45/55 and complies with the effects of environment XC4, XD3, XF4, XA1 as per ČSN EN 206. Which complies with TKP chapter 18.

    Concrete crash barriers is produced from low alkali cement forming one of the barriers for creating alkali-silicate concrete reaction.

    The joint connection is protected with surface treatment DELTA PROTECT, which enables full disassembly even in case of the connection installation in exposed environment. The connection is protected with plastic cover which is not subject to common theft of metal covers.

    The transmission locations to the bridge facilities include the CSB-road arresting system completed with a special adjusted dilation joint which enables the joint dilation ±40 mm whilst maintaining the full static function. Unique connection structure does not require any adjustment of the crash barrier part and it maintains the feature of simple disassembly. The dilation connection is fitted with special electrical insulating coating (spray) – RILSAN, which prevents the transmission of circulating currents in the bolts and then in the next part of the arresting system.


    CSB – CRASH BARRIER – Function classes

    The retention ability of the road retention systems is based on the results from ordered impact tests as per ČSN EN 1317-2. CSB-CRASH BARRIER 120 and CSB-CRASH BARRIER 100 fulfil the conditions for the retention level H4b, i.e. very high retention, and it can be placed in the locations with the most demanding requirements for retention. CSB-CRASH BARRIER 80 are included in function class H3 – higher retention which is the second highest class of retention level.

Company profile

CS-BETON s.r.o. has been operating on the market with concrete products in the Czech Republic from 1992. We are one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products for the creation of small architecture, pavements, roads, and airports. The company produces a wide range of product ranges of various types and colours, curbs, drains, vegetation bricks, decoration walls including the elements of decoration vegetation walls. The products enable practically unlimited creativity of application as regards the composition and colour scale.

The product range enables to solve the dewatering of reinforced surfaces of motorways and airports within the wide range of capacity requirements for drainage.


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