surface FLAT

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surface FLAT

color GRAY

surface FLAT

color GRAY

surface FLAT

color GRAY

surface FLAT

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surface FLAT


CSB - STEP is a multipurpose stair element which enables the creation of staircase levels. The stair can be placed in two modifications when the stepping side of the element is completed with antiskid surface treatment. The stepping width is 285 or 320 mm depending on the method of use. The element can then be used for lining the existing concrete staircases. Its beneficial weight guarantees simple manual handling during assembly.
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CSB - STEP Height Minimum expedition amount VAT excl. price VAT incl. price Number
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160 mm 1 piece 165 CZK 200 CZK
pcs i

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Technical parameters

CSB - STEP Composition dimensions [mm] Number [pcs] Weight [kg]
height width length MU per pallete MU per layer pieces into common meter MU products incl. palletes
step 160 370 300 36 18 - 20.8 774

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